Technology Category

Immersive Wargammer:
Gnosys designed and prototyped a scalable, extensible and flexible, Object Oriented, Intelligent immersive wargammer in C++ for experiencing historic battles in the 3D virtual space. User could adopt player roles in a continuum from commander down to a “shooter”. System enabled exploration of “what-if” questions in the battlefield.
Baja Sony Playstation 2 (TM)  Game : Gnosys contracted by an EA Sports (TM) subsidary to design and develop computer controlled, real-time, Object Oriented, C++ based, Artificially Intelligent (AI) vehicles for a PlayStation 2 racing-fighting game that makes strategies to win and displays distinct behavior personality.
Expert System/Blackboard Architecture for Population Modeling: Gnosys designed and prototyped a system for modeling population reactions to terrorist activity based on expert system unification and resolution of multi-disciplinary models working in concert through a Blackboard architecture. System developed in C++ under Windows.

Generating Intelligent Behaviors Automatically in Computer Generated Forces: Gnosys designed and prototyped Windows-based toolkit in Java/C++ to enable non-programmers to change virtual entity behaviors encoded in fielded simulation without reprogramming. Sub-programs are automatically generated and linked to exitsting C-based executables thereby augmenting capability without expense of computer programmers.

Decision Making Assistant-Coalitions: Gnosys designed and developed an Object Oriented Windows NT Visual C++, real-time, rule-based intelligent program with the Geographic Information System (GIS) MapViewä capability that determined Coalitions for Economic Sanctions . Developed an inference engine to execute rule chaining.

Voyager Electron Gun/Collector Simulator: Gnosys applied Object Oriented Analysis and Object Oriented Design using state of the art software design principles (Design Patterns) to help develop an innovative, Object Oriented C++ open, parallel architecture for simulation of electron gun/collectors used in telecommunications electronic components.

Abstract Reasoning Software (ASCF): Using Object Oriented and AI methods, Gnosys developed smart programs (virtual commanders) for leading computer generated forces into cyberspace battles. Technology used for training and wargaming purposes. Developed software capable of reasoning at the abstract (battalion) level in Visual C++ on Windows NT under contract to SAIC. Inter-process communications (sockets) for Commander collaboration in networked teams and were displayed on a 2D map system.

Decisioning-Making Software (CFOR): Gnosys designed and coded AI decision-making programs. These were several inter-networked virtual company tank commanders for automatically employing virtual forces in cyberspace armored combat simulations. Technical specifications developed by interviewing Army Officers into an Object Oriented Design and Specification. They were coded in C++ in LINUX on PCs using technologies such as constraint based design. The collaborated over a simulated Command and Control network.

Virtual Battlefield Simulation (JPSD): Gnosys helped develop a system capable of simulating large unit activity down to individual vehicles by fusing an abstract unit
Large Unit Trainer (Warsim2000): Gnosys applied Object Oriented Analysis and Object Oriented Design, under contact to the Army, to develop technical specifications for the next generation of simulation systems for training large units (Command Posts). Designed a low cost, distributed and interactive trainer.

Distributed Simulation Environment (Warbreaker): Gnosys helped designed an distributed simulation environment for building Distributed Simulations in C++ on Unix platforms.
What-If Gamer (WISSARD): Using AI gaming techniques, Gnosys designed and coded a faster than real time Distributed Interactive "what if" simulation prototype to explore wargaming optionson UNIX platforms in C.


Design and programming is in  C++ or  Java using rapid prototyping και object-oriented methodologies. Programs run on popular operating systems such as  Windows, Linux, and Unix .

Research and development in virtual enviroments may use specialized packages such as the Gnosys inference engine for rule-based system development.  When retrofitting work is being performed,  networking standards such as DIS or HLA may be used.