Simulation Products

Simulators (Networked)

Our basic capability is to develop training simulators in which crews can train integrated in the functions of
·    Driving – Using databases with well-represented features such as microterrain, roads, and cover and concealment, simulators using our technology could be used for driver training. Four dimensional sound and time of day effects could be used for advanced tactical training.
·    Shooting – Complete simulation of the characteristics of the gun and its variety of ammunition rounds. Realistic target tanks that can non-deterministically and intelligently fire back can enhance combat training.

Such capabilities have been offered by many different simulators. The capability that differentiates our product from all others is that we offer real time force-on-force tactical training. By networking our simulations and enabling them real time, training crews can respond to each other’s actions in the virtual world we create with our network. No other technology can offer this.

·    Tactical Training – With our technology, trainees can learn to work together.

In addition, there are several system benefits to our technology.

·    Location Independence – Via long haul and local area networks, we can connect several remote sites together and operate them in the virtual world as if they were co-located on the same battlefield.
·    Scalability – New simulators can be removed and added to the virtual battlefield to suit training and operational needs.

Our technology can support a variety of Platforms and types

Land vehicles

·    Tanks Tanks of the ex-Soviet Bloc and NATO such as T64, T72, Leopard I and Leopard II, M1 series, etc.
·    APC’s Armoured Personnal Carriers of the NATO and ex-Soviet Block countries such as BMP series, Bradley, M113, etc.
·    Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles. This includes all types.
·    Mobile Artillery

Dismounted Infantry

·    Tow Missile Training Allows crews to train in the virtual battlefield

Air Vehicles
·    Rotary Wing Vehicles
·    Fixed Winged Vehicles A-10s, F-15, etc.