The  above  2D  SAF  map view  of  Cyberspace corresponds  to
the immersive 3D view below (courtesy  MetaVR inc.)

Mission Rehearsal & Tactics Training over the Network
Semi Automated Forces (SAF)

Semi Automated Forces are vehicles/units of the virtual, networked battlefield that appear as though they are commanded by human operators (other simulators) but are really computer-controlled.  These may be opposing forces to train against but also friendly forces with which to practice unit coordination for a specific mission. 

Gnosys offers knowledge and experience you need for Autonomous forces. Our engineers helped invent Semi-Automated Forces (SAFOR) for US SIMNET and the Close Combat Tactical Trainer’s (CCTT) SAFOR.  Today Gnosys is actively working with all the latest SAF systems in the US including JointSAF and ArmySAF while we are looking into the future with OneSAF, the upcoming standard of SAF systems.  Our over 15 years of experience with real time distributed simulation and system engineering have given us the edge in designing and developing functional and robust systems such as AGPT’s Training Control and Evaluation System (TC&E) that have pulled the state of the art forward.

We can make our expertese work for you by either offering
·    Complete solution such as that used by AGPT ,SIMNET, or OneSAF
·    Specific solutions to specific SAF needs.

As in anything we do, we will give individual and exhaustive attention to your special needs.

Complete Solutions

Gnosys offers complete SAF solutions. As pioneers in these technologies, we are fully knowledgeable of SAF systems and prepared to make our knowledge work for you. Gnosys can built systems from “scratch” that will extent the limits of the current technology in order to meet your specific needs.

Specific Solutions

Gnosys can upgrade or extend existing SAF system to meet your goals. We can:
·    Enhance the intelligence of your vehicle behavior
·    Extend the scope of your SAF system to higher echelon levels
·    Simulate areas not currently covered by your system such as C3I
·    Port your system to new hardware platforms
·    Offer modifications to make your system capable or real-time performance
·    Adopt your system to standard distributed simulation protocols.

Consulting and Modifications

Gnosys can tailor a variety of SAF government off-the-shelf software (JointSAF, OneSAF, ArmySAF, NavySAF) to meet your needs quickly. If you seek unconventional tactical capability, higher levels of planning and more battlefield intelligence than current SAFs can offer, talk to us about our innovative software approach that goes beyond today’s capability. If you already have a SAF you wish to make it communicate over a network with NATO standard HLA protocols, we can help. Or if you need our tried experience for Trainer Control Stations, we have many new ideas.

Some of the areas in which we can offer complete and specific solutions are listed below:

1.    Real Time Simulation: Complete real time simulations for computer generated vehicles. Full ranges of vehicles are covered such as tanks, trucks, APCs, helicopters and aircraft. User modified parameters for changing vehicle behavior models. System can be developed to support completely deterministic, scripted behavior, or system can be developed to semi-automated, intelligent behavior.
2.    Intelligent, mission-oriented behavior: Execution of tactical behavior at individual unit, platoon, company and higher echelons. Standard military missions and unit behaviors implemented. Automated or directed mission planning according to standard military doctrine. OPORDER metaphor simulated. Dynamic mission planning at lower echelons using Mission Enemy Terrain Troops Time (METT-T). Simulation of military decision-making. Intelligent reaction of units to dynamic situations. Automated generation of plans.
3.    Vehicle Control: Individual unit control. A mixture of semi-automation and individual control of units and vehicles available. Click and drag interface to vehicles in Windows, Java, or X-Windows. Variable resolution map display with selectable level of detail. “Deus ex machina” intervention and realistic view of the battlefield available.
4.    Logistics: Artillery and Resupply simulation. Scripted, semi-automated or automatic logistics.
5.    Doctrinal unit behavior: User modifiable redfor and bluefor tactics. User configurable unit setup. User modifiable parameters to alter unit behavior.
6.    Dismounted Infantry: Intelligent dismounted infantry simulated, individually or in squads with small arms or TOW anti-tank weapons.