Networked Training

We have the experience that you need for tomorrow, today. We are the engineers who pioneered and defined networked real time simulation technology, understand it thoroughly and are pushing into novel areas of innovation and productization. We made the “rubber meet the road” on such ground breaking international projects as Germany’s AGPT and US’ SIMNET by engineering new technology in real world networked training devices.

We are experts on real time networking technology in U.S. military High Level  Architecture (HLA), Distributed Simulation protocols such as SIMNET and DIS as well as NATO standard protocols such as the German AGPT protocols. We have special proficiencies in adopting systems to distributed protocols:
·    Real time distributed simulator networking. Non-adequate network speeds enhanced to meet real time requirements .
·    Adaptation to simulation standard protocols. Adaptation of extant systems to distributed protocols.
·    Will adopt systems to communicate with NATO standards and distributed systems such as HLA, SIMNET and AGPT.
·    Adaptation of commercially available simulation networking toolkits such as those from MaK Technologies.