Low Cost Desktop Simulators and Part Task Trainers

Amongst our line of simulators, we offer desk top Part Task trainers. These allow the user to continually practice a particular task (such as intercepting an enemy aircraft or landing procedures of an aircraft) on low-cost PC-based trainers with all relevant instrumentation simulated. Training on such simulators allows the building of proficiency in a “part of the task” required to complete a mission.  Our experience with producing desk top systems for the US Naval Aviators such as TRIO and INCOFT make us the foremost knowledgeable in this field. The discriminants of our system have been low cost, used speech input and output and have had a qualitative grading of student runs via an intelligent critiquing capability unmatched in the industry.

Of course, we can offer elements of our other technology to the specific needs of your Desktop Trainer.  For example, we can network them for tactical/ unit training or add intelligent opponents for higher levels of training realism.