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Gnosys is located in Providence, RI.  It specializes in the design and development of advanced software systems for simulation and gaming.   Much of its work involves decision-making software for both the commercial and military customers. In the military arena, Gnosys' software expertise is used in mission-rehearsal,  planning, and tactical training for all branches of the military.  In the commercial arena, Gnosys' software expertise  drives intelligent opponents in games,  helps models electronic componets in microwave devices and  models the impact of culture and other factors in human behavior.  The company consults with private companies and competes for R&D monies in government solicitations.

The founder of Gnosys was a member of Bolt, Beranek and Newman's original SIMNET team  that researched and developed the first low-cost networked virtual simulation.  He later had a leading role on the team for the design and implementation of  the first commercialized  networked virtual simulation technology - the Leopard II Tactical Tank Trainer (AGPT).  From its inception in 1992,  Gnosys has extended this work in  researching and developing a series of systems and games that cultivate team spirit, decision-making and mission rehearsal.

Currently, Gnosys is researching and developing a tool that helps analyze geographic, cultural, political and economic factors and modulates simulated human behavior based on this analysis.